20 Golden Rules for Success in Life

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  1. Never spend more than you make
  2. Never quit a job until you have another job lined up
  3. Always prepare for the worst case scenario
  4. Showing up is half the battle
  5. Pack your lunch the night before you go to work
  6. Listen more than you speak
  7. Make eye contact and don’t space out
  8. Have lots of cash and avoid debt
  9. buy low and sell high
  10. take care of yourself first
  11. pay cash for a vehicle
  12. get strong at the gym by lifting weights
  13. trust and always believe in yourself; confidence is key
  14. never give up and be persistent with your dreams
  15. practice gratitude
  16. write your goals
  17. meditate
  18. keep your day job while you work on your side business
  19. stay away from the news! read books instead
  20. say no to drugs, alcohol, and porn

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