#120 What Is Life Like After The Military?

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#120 What Is Life Like After The Military?

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What Is Life Like After The Military?

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Indeed, times will inevitably be financially, psychologically, and emotionally tough when you end your active service. Following this further, nobody will be there to tell you what to do anymore. Assuredly, you can make it through the process because so many veterans have done so before you.

What Military Lessons Carried Over?

First off, I'm more comfortable leading people now. Next, I still exercise every single morning. Lastly, you can always count on me to show up to work on time.

Should You Go To College Right After Your (EAS)?

What's life like after the military?
Truthfully, Yes, but you should only go to college when you know, without a doubt, what field you want to pursue. As a matter of fact, get your college degree, and get out as soon as possible so you can get on with your life. Not to mention, college may prove beneficial in landing you a solid, high-paying job. 

How Did College Help Me With My PTSD?

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Admittedly, working on campus while taking classes taught me to relax a bit more because the majority of students around me never experienced such stress from war or the military. In this situation, I could concentrate on my studies instead of worrying about my military experiences all the time. Undoubtedly, my college experience provided me with the tools to succeed after my Marine Corps service enlistment.
What Are The Pros And Cons Of My Military Enlistment?
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Overall, my enlistment helped me with my confidence. In the same fashion, I have the privilege of calling myself a United States Marine. From time to time, however, as a civilian, I found myself constantly on high alert; which can be a blessing and a curse.
How Often Do I Keep In Touch With My USMC Buddies?
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Obviously, the bond I made with the Marines I served with while in the service is unmatched. Every six months or so, I physically see them. Certainly, I make an effort to reach out to them on Facebook more frequently.
Would I Consider Re-Enlisting?
Generally speaking, I love my freedom to wake up whenever I fancy. More importantly, if I want to take an occasional trip someplace, civilian life provides me with this opportunity. Lastly, I want to pursue and explore the next chapters of my life preferably as a civilian. 
What About Medical & Dental Benefits?
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Pursuing this further, Medical benefits will continue even after your enlistment for free, but you don't get treatment nearly as fast as an active duty member would in the fleet. Furthermore, you have to pay for dental out of pocket, or purchase a dental plan with a provider. In other words, I would advocate putting away money, or saving in case of an emergency. 
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