#119 Will And The Enlightenment | Fictional Story

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#119 Will And The Enlightenment | Fictional Story

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The Call

William had to wake up early one morning to the sound of his doorbell ringing. He never enjoyed waking up period. In fact, he would prefer to sleep in bed all day.

Every day presented a challenge for William because he refuses to meet new people. Others introduce themselves to William, but he appears uninterested  in every conversation. Perhaps, if William opened up more, he would find the woman of his dreams.

 As Will tiptoed towards the front door, he  opened it up to see who knocked. An old man waited at the doorstep for William, holding an envelope in his hand. He handed it to William and on it wrote "Please, save us from evil!"


The Challenege

William had one skill nobody in the village could emulate. He had the best sword fighting techniques. William could defeat anyone in the community with one hand tied behind his back. 

Inside the letter exclaimed, "we need your help." There can only be one person in this land who can save us from the evil up in the mountains. The villagers offered William any woman in the village if he would slay the evil in the hills. 

William knew he had little experience talking to girls and so he started packing for the trip. Will had nothing to lose because he lacked the confidence talking to women. He had no choice, but to accept the offer because he also wanted to find his true love.

Men’s Health

The Conflict

Along his journey to the mountain, the cold weather froze his hands and feet. Will became frustrated with the journey, and wanted to quit. Finally, William approached the cave enterance, but he noticed a clever smell in the air. 

Before he knew it, a gust of wind pushed him into the cave, and he had no way of escaping. A dark figure rose, reached for William, and their similar swords came to a draw. The two fighters haulted their fight to chat about their sword design. 

Both men bonded by the sword maker who built them, and they became friends. The figure vanished into the cave never to harm another villager again. Yet, Will never thought about how two swords could bring two enemies to friendship.

Strength Training


Sometimes in life, we realize the answer has been inside of us the whole time. Will never defeated the evil figure, but he found something he could talk about instead. He realized, during the sword fight, communication goes both ways. 

Will had problems talking to women because he had nothing to say to them. Sword fighting would remind Will to dance with the other person. It took a battle against evil for William to realize this lesson. 

We all have something to use when we face uncertainty in life. It's a matter of looking inside ourselves to find the meaning of it all. William felt confident now to talk with anybody no matter the sex.




William arrived at his village, and the villagers praised him "the slayer of all evil." As agreed, the old man blessed young William with the option to choose from any woman in the kingdom. William replied to the old man "Thank you for your hospitability, but, I have to decline your offer.

No one could believe what they heard from William. William left the party and years later while drinking tea in the market, he spotted a young lady. Will knew sword talks might be too much for the woman, so he instead focused on satisfying her interests.

He faced his fears by tiptoeing over to the woman, and whispering the sweetest words a woman could hear. "I wanted to come over here to let you know I think we both know you're beautiful, he announced." William finally learned to speak to a woman by finding something in common her.


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