#118 How Will Drones Impact Us?

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#118 Drones Explained

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How Will Drones Impact Us?

This is definitely an interesting point in time for all of us. Ethics will play a huge role in everyday life, but whether we realize it or not, we are making decisions all the time anyway. 

First of all, some decisions people make are not well thought out, and others, we put a little more time into thinking about them.

Secondly, I never want to see people using drones for harming other people. I'm glad I got that out my system.

Right now, I don't think drones have gone mainstream, but when they do, they become a part of our everyday lives. Drones are going to become so user-friendly that it will make doing daily, normal things a necessity to have one. 

In addition, one problem I see with drones is people being irresponsible with them.

In the future, I think we're going to see many packages been delivered using drones as vehicles. The hardest thing to imagine is seeing any drone at my front doorstep handing me a box.

How Do We View Drones?

The truth is I think drones are remarkably interesting and super convenient!

The problem I have is not everyone will see life through the same lens, and that it's going to take a lot of responsibility from all of us to proceed into this new era of drone manufacturing.

Let's talk about why I'm super excited about the future of drones. 

Drones will allow me to shoot music videos. It's as simple as that. Naturally, drones capture the best angles for cinematography. I believe people will love to listen to one of my soundtracks while viewing a beautiful landscape from a drone's perspective!


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What Could Drones Be Used For?

  1. search and rescue missions
  2. selivering mail
  3. sending groceries
  4. personal camera following you around
  5. shooting your own television show
  6. alerting you of things happening in your area

The first time I heard of a drone was in in the military.

Apart from, when the drones are way up in the sky, it makes me feel a sense of calmness throughout my body because I typically don't hang out in the heavens all too often.

Likewise, there is a peace of mind that is associated with drones flying that high because of all the areas a drone might see.

How Will Drones Impact Us?

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Moreover, it brings me joy to know that people work so hard on developing these drones. I know, eventually, I'll buying a drone because of the enjoyment it would bring to incorporate the drone footage into my music video production.

It will bring me so much satisfaction knowing that I can make an ariel view to my youtube videos.
I get so excited when I hear about people using drones to help other people.
Can you believe what these drones capture sometimes? Absolutely, astonishing! It feels like heaven when I get to witness or see these images of beautiful landscapes. In particular, one issue with drones we might face early on is the wrong use of them. I can see people using drones to cause sorrow. 

The world isn't a perfect place, and I've seen videos of people already pretending to put guns on top of the drones and to fly them around shooting things and whatnot. How do I know it's not people they're pretending to shoot? Let's hope this is not the case, and instead, that we can use drones for helping people, and not injuring them. We don't need to cause any more heartaches on planet earth.
What People Do When They’re Bored?
When times feel gloomy, and there's nothing else to do, people come up with the most random inventions and things to do. When we feel distressed in our life, our first thought or reaction is to suppress the unhappiness with something more fulfilling. 

I think to myself sometimes that people will use drones to make their misery go away. One might consider having products delivered to their location from a far away distance.

People without vehicles or individuals who choose not to drive will find that drones provide almost near immediate and instant gratification because of the possible delivery services that drones may offer or provide.

Let's hope that people remain disciplined in the sense that just because drones offer convenience, doesn't mean that we should overindulge ourselves with more and more liquor from the convenience store. To cure our depression, we need to continue to stick with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and consistent mental meditation.

Why Was I Debating About Writing This Post?

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I was contemplating writing this post about ethical drone usage. However, I felt the importance outweighed the fantasy that this post would somehow have the opposite effect. I do believe there are a lot of exquisite people out there. I also am very much aware that there are folks who deliberately cause anguish to others.

In any event, daydreaming about the individuals who do provide value in the world deserves my very intent; and deliberate effort in writing this very post. I owe it to the ones who mean well.

It's amusing to me to think how drones might actually be the answer we have all been looking for in society because of the mere fact that drones indeed can bring a desirable contribution to our way of life.

Most of my subscribers know that I have tons of passion for what I do here on the WolvOfficial.com site.

So, each and every one of the post views that I receive here on the site I adore because I recognize that people are in fact listening to what I have to profess.

Genuinely, I enjoy seeing the number of views skyrocket just hours after releasing a post. I cherish these precious moments in life; believe me! Drones can make people feel the same way in that their duty to serve others should not go unnoticed.


What About Training Programs?

 Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 12.21.40 PM
Next, I consent to drone training programs that are out there on the market that also offer safety courses in practical training. Everyone needs to be on board with this agreement to conduct drones in a responsible manner. 

The admission to fly drones is still relatively new for consumers to understand, but eventually, like all new popular products to enter the marketplace, laws will become clearer in time.

Again, it comes back down to common sense and thinking about how our actions will affect other individuals.
How Will Drones Impact Us?
 Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 8.46.22 PM
Naturally, I became a more confident person over time; and with most things in life, time is one of the best cures for most peoples' uncertainty and disbeliefs. 

Therefore, most companies need a long product lifecycle history before anyone has trust in the reliability and validity of the product.

Most of all, drones will have a much different approach to the way in which we conduct business.

Hence, similar to the cell phone usage revolution that took place largely in the early 2000s, where folks believed that smartphones would change the way in which people communicated regularly, were wise also to think that drones too will also bring this similar level of acceptability, assurance, and faith - all in time of course.

How Do We Respect Drones?

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Next, our society would be wise to respect drones because one day, drones very well may have feelings too you know?; yes, just like human beings. Recently, I was watching a video about the future slavery of drones, but how eventually the drones revolted because they were systematically programmed to understand basic human needs and emotions.

I'm not promoting this is going to happen anytime soon, but again, it comes down to treating others how you would like to be treated. One day, drones may have a mind of their own so let's raise them in the right way.

Drones need to have to some degree a level of obedience to authority. Occasionally, we have to submit to superiority. Most people take this the wrong way, but it doesn't mean we are inferior when we appear to be giving in or resigning, it merely means we understand our place in the world of humans, drones, animals, etc.

For example, people are rewarded for their hard work, and should be recognized as authoritative.
Honestly, I admit that drones entering the consumer's hands do make me feel a tad bit nervous because I know how people respond to BIG announcements.

It makes me feel anxious to imagine an irresponsible human person having a drone in their possession; however, at the base of all or most worries in life, EDUCATION is usually the answer.
 We have to focus on educating our youth, and probably the older generation as well.

Do I Fear Drones?

 charles, wolvofficial, story, carl, schultz, wolfgang,
No. So, the older I get, the less and less I become afraid of people, animals, or even things. Don't get me wrong, I dread facing the day each and every morning, but I can't continue to let fear rule my world. When will I start giving that same amount of energy to being happy, or pursuing my passion again?

Drones are frightening, especially with the number terror attacks, racial attacks, mass shootings, hate crimes, etc. happening these days; and at the rate in which they are occurring is most ridiculous. Who knows what people will use them for? I would highly recommend that you choose love over fear any day of the week! Who wants to live in fear all day?

It doesn't take much for people to panic. At least that's what I was told. Have I actually seen a panic? maybe, maybe not. The point is that drones should not cause an immediate alarm. You've heard the protests that "guns don't kill people, people kill people." Well, most horrible things happen because horrible people create or initiate them.

Subsequently, as we prepare to embark on this mysterious journey, we must have a map to guide our ethical ways. The world is an enormous playground full of fear and wonder.
In particular, when drones go mainstream, we must not forget about our basic history. Technology has a way of getting us mad, absent-minded, preoccupied, etc. As a result, it's important to know where we came from so that we don't get lost in our ways. Drones will be a blessing in disguise, but it will also be a curse. 

If we stay focused how drones will improve our lives we won't be as distracted, I'm confident we can see through any problems that may arise over drones.

How Will Drones Impact Us?

Seriously, I'm not surprised to see so many people taking notice of drones. If I saw something flying around in the air, I would want to know what it was too. 

Seems like, once drones start delivering goods to our front doors, only then will folks be shocked. I'm impressed how far along we have come in the drone industry. Every day I'm astonished by how fast technology is improving. It seems like yesterday cell phones were hitting the market.

In a few years, drones will not be as mysterious. Right now, I'm stumped as to how they are developed. How do they operate? All I know is they use a controller of some kind. Soon, drones won't be a challenge to understand; that much I can tell you. No worries if you don't understand them completely.

As a result, there will always be critics in the world who will tell you that drones are nothing but trouble. We know that there're two sides to every coin. The message is clear. We need to encourage folks to practice drone ethics.

Additionaly, the subject matter of drones causing nothing but the trouble is only one-sided, and we need to look at the positive side of them.

Especially relevant, we should not be so quick to condemn this great invention because a lot of good can come from drones. The inclination to disapprove drone manufacturing is fair, but I favor the ones who take the time to assess both sides.

What If I Am Wrong About The Whole Thing?

Above all, I regret to inform you that there's always that chance I could be wrong. How do you think I would feel if drones ended up destroying the universe? 

All this talk about drones doing good for the world would be thrown right out the window, and my credibility would suffer. I could not live with that guilt. Hence, please make noteworthy decisions that do good for the world; and not the other way around.


In the future, the honest truth is I can see myself flying a drone to relieve my boredom. Does life have you feeling fatigued? It's hard to say sometimes if boredom is a good thing or a bad thing.

Typically, when I'm feeling bored, I will go outside and walk around for a little while. Everybody handles boredom differently. Flying a drone is a good way to kill some time.


Where Will We Fly Them?

However, I'm not entirely sure where folks can legally fly drones. The most common place I see people flying  drones are at parks. So, the park is a reasonably safe place to fly drones because parks are out-of-the-way. 

Most people are flying kites at Parks, why not fly a drone? I can't see drone flyers offending anybody at a park. It might repel kite flyers, or it could outrage the people working at the park if you are deliberately showing any signs of disgusting others.

Please do us all a favor, if you find yourself in a loathing mood, don't fly a drone. Instead, find an alternative for releasing your hate. Come back to the park another time when you're in a better mood.

How Does Our Mood Impact Our Flying?

First of all, if you're feeling any signs of despite for another human being, refrain from flying. You already know how a decision impacts others. Similarly, common sense is not so common, but here is a friendly reminder. Disrespect for another human being, while flying a drone, may lead to bad decisions.

However, I get it. All in all, annoyance can develop into anger quickly. As a result, be mindful of how you feel before you fly a drone.

Unfortunately, It's so tempting to get revenge. I learn every day that getting revenge with other people is no solution. When you are angry at another person, Believe it or not, you're actually mad at yourself.

It's going to take a lot of responsibility in the coming years. People are not always going to play courteous, but that does not mean our first reaction should be to fly our drone into that other person's face. I think you get my point.

I'm not an angry person. My childhood made me who I am today. Sadly, I have a lot of problems going on inside of me, but I work through them. Honestly, I still do have a lot of challenges going on internally, but I manage to exercise, meditate, and practice yoga enough to relieve a lot of that rage.

Equally, drones are similar to our smartphones. They go wherever we go. As mentioned above, our emotions tend to stay with us over the years. As we grow older with drones, we need to remember the importance of taking care of the things that make our lives easier.

How Will Drones Impact Us?

Actually, drone manufacturing is growing rapidly. Everybody will want a slice of that pie. I know I want to get into drone affiliate marketing. The government is aggressively taking action on drone activities. We can't have drones interfering with other airlines passing by in the sky. 

Consequently, that's why air traffic controller positions pay so much money. Air traffic controller jobs pay so much money because they need to make sure the planes don't crash into each other. The military uses drones to get close to enemy lines. Drones keep military soldiers safe.



How Others Use Drones?

Indeed, it's interesting watching YouTube videos of people flying their drones. Everyone uses them differently. The footage that people capture drives my curiosity. How do I get one of those?

Significantly, the real anticipation in the rise of drone technology is "drone delivery services." Amazon has already begun working on this platform for its customers.

Conversely, we can expect drone users and drone manufacturers alike to add features continuously to these products; thus, making them even more fully functional. The cameras on these drone devices will improve over the years; allowing us to capture even higher quality footage.


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Now, more than ever, we need to aware of the collisions that can result from drones flying in the air. We are entering a great time to be alive because drones will help us to see what is going on around us.

Next, drones will be able to follow us around using our smartphones as the device to track. Automatically, without the need to have a remote control, a drone will become our new tv camera crew. 

Seems like, as long as you have your smartphone in your pocket, the drone will avoid obstacles and only follow you around safely.
Thank you for reading: How Will Drones Impact Us?


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How Will Drones Impact Us?

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