#117 ~ 10 Ways I Know How To Win In Life!

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The 10 Best Strategies To Win In Life!

Life is great when you’re on top of the world, but it sucks when you’re down trying to make ends meet. I know how ridiculous it can be when you are at your lowest point.
I remember working manydead-end jobs thinking to myself, would I ever achieve a respectable profession? I can assure you that life gets a whole lot better once you understand
… 3 basic “concepts.”
  • Life is hard.
  • Hard work pays off.
  • Time is limited!
You have to learn about life!
Understand these basic “ideas” and you will find that life is more enjoyable. All it takes is adisciplined change in mindset, and you’re off to a great start!
Obviously, nothing is going to happen over night, but RESULTS do arrive with the following ingredients:
  • time.
  • persistance.
  • and hard work.
Before we dive into The 10 Best Strategies To Win In Life, I want to share with you some quick tips for getting you in the right MINDSET.
  • TIP #1 – KNOWLEDGE shapes our perception.
  • TIP #2 – EMBRACE the moment.
  • TIP #3 – LOOK inward for answers.
You are the Creator of your Destiny.
The 10 Best Strategies To Win In Life!

The 10 Best Strategies To Win In Life!
When people are always trying to knock us down, LIFE can get hard. I’d prefer to be around friends who treat me well.
After some real-serious thought, I realized that our perceptions of our self-worth are important to our existance.
……Having said that, “don’t let people bring you down”
BECAUSE you are in control of your life, and you determine how others will treat you.
Many of folks are not happy in their skin, and they try to put you down in a plethura of ways to make themselves feel bigger, when in actuality they are small.
It takes time to understand what we truly are capable of in terms of achievement, but learning about yourself can be the greatest investment, above earning more money for you and your family.

*Remember* to always look inward for happiness, money, strength, etc; not outwards because it all starts in your mind, body, and spirit.

Everything you will ever need is inside you! You have hidden strengths inside of you that go far beyond your wildest of dreams; and its all waiting for you to be revieled.
Now, let’s dive into why you are here – today. 🙂

#117 The 10 Best Ways I Know How To Win In Life!
1. Do More Then The Minimum 
Average people do average things. Early on in my life, I realized a few things. If I wanted to achive great success, then I would have to make a change in the world.
I would be expected to add more value to the universe. How did I do more than the minimum? Well, I started by approaching problems differently, and coming up with strategies and solutions.
As you might have expected, it’s not about competing with other people. It’s about competing with yourself. No body will ever know you better than you know you
….if you know what I mean.
You should strive to prove to yourself that you can accomplish what you set out to achieve in life.


2. Don’t Be Afraid Of Speaking Your Mind In Crowds 
When I was in the Marine Corps, specifically during bootcamp, I noticed that I was a reasonably shy individual. I immediately recognized something about myself during my enlistment.
I learned that speaking loud and with confidence would be necessary for my bootcamp survival.
Talking softly would not get me far. I was afraid to speak in front of other soldiers. I was so scared of what others thought about me. Now, looking back on the situation, I can see why I was intimidated. The other soldiers were foreign to me.
The others did not know who I was as a person. It wasn’t until college that I realized group participation would be an essential part of graduating on-time. I made it through college partly because I participated exceptionally well in class discussions with the professor.
Each professor acknowledged my participating efforts.
Now, I know the power of participation and group discussion. I strongly encourage you to learn how to work in teams so that you may further your communication skills.
3. Never Stop Learning About Life 
Life appears to be full of problems. The world in which we live in is not perfect. However, a learning mindset may be the answer you are looking for because knowledge is power.
Taking the good with the bad, a wise person will recognize one important and valuable realization.
Someone is always looking to “rain-on-your-parade.” 
There are a 3 basic, emotional thinking flaws you should recognizebecause they naturally hold folks back from achieving their true potential.
…and they are:
  1. Thinking Flaw #1 – JEALOUSY
  2. Thinking Flaw #2 – HATING
  3. Thinking Flaw #3 – VICTIMIZING
I get that not everybody knows how to handle jealousy. You on the otherhand have knowledge now to rise above this minor hurdle of life.
Knowledge will bring you out of poverty so learn as much as you can by picking up a book at your next visit to the bookstore.
Also, I invite you to watch this video
It is a Mark Cuban interview.
Mark Cuban briefly discusses the importance of “learning how to learn.”
The video is  long, but worth it.

Motivational / Transformational

4. Understand How To Become Wealthy 
 One of the first important concepts about generating wealth is passive income. All that passive income means is having your money and income working for you while you sleep.
Instead of having to go to a job every morning in order to pay bills, you have money and income coming in to your bank account without you physically showing up to a job to receive a paycheck.
Heard of this concept before?
-This concept is important to understand because it allows you to have more timefor yourself and for your love ones.

5. Write A Series Of Books
I write books because people love to read books. I remember when I was a young child, I read most of those Goosebumps books by R.L. Stine, and those books made me feel like I was part of something worth wild.
Ever since then, I wanted to write my own book series. People love to see where you came from, where you are, and where you are going.
Yeah, Life is one big adventure. I encourage you to write your own book series of your choosing.
Need to learn how to sell your books?
I sell my book series on Itunes and Amazon to name a couple, while using an amazing distribution service/company called BookBaby.com.
I absolutely love writing my book series, and plan to create a large franchise from it so that generations after generations can read the series of books; long after I have taken my last breath in this world. 
Have you started reading my book series, yet?
6. Write Your Goals Every Day 
 Click here to learn how to write your goals every day. Writing your goals everyday is powerful. I can speak from experience.
How does the process work?
Basically, Your mind can handle lots of goals at one time.
and, well by…
Re-writing your goals everyday, you will activate your subconscious mind, and remarkable things will start happening for you in your life.
Eventually, after 30 days, your goals will become reality.

Marketing & Sales

7. Start A Series Of Blog Posts 
Again, people love to see how far you have come.
I started labeling my blog posts with hashtags (example: #1-#100) because it symbolizes to my readers that I’m on a mission to build an empire of blog posts, and also the importance of regular readership, loyalty, and retention.
You should consider starting a blog because it is fun, rewarding, and profitable.

Blog Marketing

8. Believe In Yourself 
You heard the saying that life is too short, well the reality is that life is so precious; and every moment should be appreciated because it could be your last .  
I could spend my day thinking about the problems in my life or I could be thinking about being my best self, and creating something that has value to others.
It was hard for me to believe in myself at first, but it gets easier. Now, all I do is work on my website, and my goals. I try not to think too much about working for someone else. 


9. Surround Yourself With Hard Working And Smart People 
People can make or break you. I suggest hanging around folks who are more ambitious than yourself. Why?
Because it pushes you to do better. It’s okay to cycle through friends until you find the right ones. You have to do what is best for you.
It is tempting to hang around  folks less fortunate than ourselves. You might be doing yourself and the other person a disservice by hanging out too much.
You should have one person who is smarter than you, one person as smart as you, and one person less smarter than you.
It balances things out.
I recommend spending time with old friends, but try and make new friends too. 

Marriage & Relationships

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10. Understand What Motivates People
Everyone has their own way of staying motivated.
Figure out what makes people tick.
What gets the person you are talking to excited about life? Knowing this information can go a long way.
Relationships will benefit when we know about each others’ interests and aspirations.

Motivational / Transformational

and, there you have it…

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The 10 Best Strategies To Win In Life!

The 10 Best Strategies To Win In Life!

The 10 Best Strategies To Win In Life!

  • You are capable of achieving your goals, but you need to get real with yourself first, and recognize that life is all aboutperceptions.
  • Most folks are too busy with their own personal lives, and they don’t stop to think about other lives. Other people have lives too, and we can learn valueable information from them.
The 10 Best Strategies To Win In Life!
When life is full of ups and downs, to stay on top of things, I recommend focusingon developing yourself professionally, taking care of your body physically, and caring for your precious mind mentally
If there’s anything I learned over the past decade it is this:
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but rather by the moments that take our breath away! – Maya Angelou 
I have tons of information on this site for you that will lift your spirit. Trust me, when it comes to helping people, I don’t hold back. I give you all my tools for success 🙂
All the research I have conducted over the years is for you to keep. I don’t expect anything in return. My aim is to bring you information that will help you become successful. That is all. 
Thank you for reading:
 The 10 Best Strategies To Win In Life.
Bonus Material: 
I want to share what I have been up to lately with you. Please visit the links below to find out what I have been viewing lately.
I’m sure you will find these links enjoyable and inspring.  
I have been reading a book by this professor, and I absolutely love the way he teaches!
The book is about negotiating, but this professor offers worksheets/forms on his website to help you in any negotiation process.
The information in his book is truly valuable information. I’ve been reading his book and taking notes on the subject.
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