#113 Why Can Consumers Have Influence Over Politicians?

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Why Can Consumers Have Influence Over Politicians?

At the heart of any business is the customer and without the client, you have no business. We know that consumers have an enormous influence over markets. It is important to understand the customer’s needs and wants.
 Why Can Consumers Have Influence Over Politicians?

Why Can Consumers Have Influence Over Politicians?

What is a quick answer to the question?

Politicians need the votes of consumers to remain in power. Consumers can revolt, strike, and protest their way into getting what they want from the politicians. Consumers can influence politicians especially with social media and the Internet. In the United States, we do have the legislative, executive, and judicial branches to help separate and balance the powers.
The mere fact that we can vote is a sign that consumers have some degree of influence over politicians. Another point to mention is that we have the ability to access information freely from the government at any time because of certain freedom of information acts.

Everybody has different needs and wants.

The reason that consumers have influence over politicians is that there are more consumers than politicians. Hence, consumer behavior is such a fascinating subject for marketing researchers because it drives purchase making decisions.

There’s no such thing as a government without the people.

People have choices no matter the circumstances because we always have a choice.

Why Can Consumers Have Influence Over Politicians?

Consumers can have influence over politicians because it does not take much for a civilian to reject a government order. Also, I’ve seen it all of the time when I was in the military. People do not always agree with what others have to say. That is just how life is. I do not think there’s much we can change about that. Since, people are going to do what they want to do regardless of authority or power.

What is the truth about politicians and civilians?

The fact is that we must all try to get along as a society. We have to strive to work together. As a result, the world will never be perfect, but that does not mean we cannot operate on achieving perfection.

What are my final thoughts on influence?

Influence is a powerful thing to imagine. Therefore, everyone has influence in some way or another. Unfortunately, there are people in power who have influence but don’t always make ethical decisions. I believe that there are good people in this world who are here to make a difference.
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