#107 Soo.. Where to Buy a Skateboard?

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Austin Cain has an incredible work ethic. He is always in the studio with Sean Kennedy making songs.
There are lots of different places to buy a skateboard. A long time ago I ordered from a skateboarding catalog called CCS magazine. CCS is an excellent company to order skateboards through by the way. I love how they deliver with passion! I admire their business for what it offers to the skateboard community.
Should you buy blank skateboards?
Personally, I buy blanks nine times out of ten because they are easy to replace if I snap a deck. They don’t cost very much to buy, and I can treat them however I want. I know my good friend Brian snaps decks like crazy, so he has to buy a whole bunch of blanks ahead of time.
When do I buy logo skateboards?
I buy logo skateboards when I feel like skating with more style and confidence. I know that when I have a beautiful image on the bottom of my deck, I should skate more cautiously to avoid scraping up the bottom of the deck. After all, it costs more to buy logo/imaged skateboard decks. I think most people skate imaged skateboards when they have a little extra money to buy one, or they are really into the design of the picture on the bottom of the board.

Where to buy a skateboard?

I usually buy my skateboards at the mall. Malls are convenient for me because I can quickly hop into my car and drive there. If you need a skateboard fast, then the mall may be your best bet.Alternatively, if you order online, you may be able to get a skateboard delivered just as soon. It all depends on what you want to do. Do you value your time? You could save time ordering online.
Should you go to Walmart?
Walmart is not the best place to pick up a skateboard. Walmart is selling skateboards of lower quality. You would be better off buying from the mall or ordering online from a reputable retailer. You can buy from Walmart, but don’t expect much quality!
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Do you live near a beach?
There are tons of skateboard shops alongside beaches. Everyone knows that beaches are full of skateboarders, surfers, etc.
Why is shoe goo necessary?
Shoe goo helps you make your skate shoes last longer. I apply shoe goo the night before I’m about to go for a skate session. I recommend shoe goo for those who are trying to make their skate shoes last. The stuff works very well. It’s not too expensive either way. A tube will last you around 6 months to a year if you use it wisely.
Shoe Goo, Clear
Price Disclaimer
What type of bearings do I skate?
I’m a diehard fan of Bones Reds bearings. I think they’re absolutely incredible in regards to quality. These bearings last a very long time. You can find these bearings that just about any skate shop. I will say that these bearings are priced a little bit higher than the rest of the bearings on the market. The reason these are priced at a higher price the point is that of their durability. Nonetheless, these bearings are a no-brainer for any serious skateboarder.
Is there a particular grip tape that I use?
Grip tape is not a big deal to me because it’s just about all the same. Some advocates will say that black magic grip tape is the best, but then there are those that will say Grizzly is the best. For arguments sake, we will say that Black Magic grip tape is worthy enough to make the list, but Grizzly grip tape is also acceptable.
Thank you for reading this post. I hope that you found it useful. If you have any questions, please reach out to me and I will try to assist you in any way that I can.

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