#104 Words of Inspiration and Strength

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Words of Inspiration and Strength

Times get hard. I know from experience that life will get you down. The quality of your life depends on the mindset that you have.
The majority of my life has called for me to be tough. During the Marine Corps, I had to withstand many afflicted and uncomfortable conditions.
I learned that your life is your own. You do have the ability to change your circumstances. A lot of people get this wrong. They believe in fixed situations.
I’m blessed to be living here in the United States of America. We have freedom here like no other. Regulations are always going to be here to stay. We all have to obey the law. The United States is not that strict. This can be a good thing. The U.S. military used to be a lot more strict. Yet, civilians still have many options to choose from.
The point is that you are successful when you live the U.S.
In an entrepreneurial country such as the U.S., you can achieve noble things. If your not a citizen of the U.S. then you may have to jump through hopes, but, still you will succeed. I got your back!
I’m lucky to have a family that believes in me. It would be hard to go through life without a supporting family. I’m fortunate to have that support from relatives. No matter the support, though, you need to develop self-motivation skills. Discipline is also important. No matter the cost, live every day as if it were your last. Tomorrow may never come. Work your tail off for today. Believe in yourself and your abilities!
We should treat each other with fairness. I don’t give people the chance to bring me down. I concentrate my time on helping other people become successful. I don’t pay attention to individuals who bring me down.
Most people are not comfortable in their skin. They try and make themselves look and feel bigger than you by knocking you down.
There are many of cases where my coworkers have sought to make me feel like crap. I’ll argue that the best way to go about handling these conflicts is to kill them with kindness. (Note: Don’t actually kill anybody)
To kill people with kindness means showing forgiveness, but also leading by example.
It takes courage to believe in yourself. Never let someone talk down to you. You have a lot going for you. It takes time to figure out what you’re good at. Be patient!
Self-discovery is an important skill to have. It is the ability to identify and change the way you view yourself. I urge you to spend some time by yourself. It helps when you know yourself better than anybody else. Find out what makes you tick.
We’re all good at something. I knew that I loved to make music early on. Nobody could have convinced me to feel otherwise. Time helps me realize that I need to make more money if I want to support my hobby.
The only way to make more money use to be that you needed to get a real job in the eyes of society. That makes sense, right? Only, I want to work for myself, and on my own terms. Why would I want to work for someone else? Why would I work at a job I hate?
Some of the most successful people in the world will say the same thing. Don’t follow other people! It’s much more worth it when you find your path to success and happiness.
Work on your self-confidence. There are times when you won’t feel as confident as you would like to be. Work on being more confident every day.
Make Blogging Your Self-Expression
I love my website. I built my site because I wanted people to come to it and listen to my music. Yet, as time marches on I can see the potential this blog commands.
My blog exists to serve others. We all have something of value and importance to say, and blogging is an exciting way to get your voice out there.
Fun Fact about the Internet:
The World Wide Web came into existence because the government needed to send messages. The government needed the world wide web to communicate. This use to be a top secret portal for the government during wartime. Everyone fancied the Internet so much that it finally became open to the public.
Past success helps with confidence for future success.
It’s easier to be more confident because you know what you’re capable of. It’s hard to know what the door start small with your accomplishments. The task the dog get better and better at the two are aware of all the accomplishments the desk comes in many sizes.
The thing to remember is to do focus on yourself and don’t let the opinions of others drown out your inner voice. The world is an aggressive place. People will try to burn you the dentures because they don’t know the to be different. People will take advantage of you whether you know it or not.
There is a book called the secret. I recommend that you read it. When I was sixteen, I read this book. My father introduced me to this book at an early age. He threw a book on the kitchen table and suggested that I read it.
Again, it’s called The Secret. I thought the book title was interesting, and I decided to open the book. I flipped through the pages and discovered that this book was for me. It had tons of value!
Read books and try to apply the teachings from them. Apply information from books into your own life.
The things that I learned from The Secret:
-live your life with more vision
-attract the items you desire from life
-create a vision board
-the “law of attraction” means attracting things into your life that you think about.
I’ve had nothing but success since I bought this book. It’s all a mindset. It’s all a game that you want to win!
I’m not the only one. Lots of people have the read the book before. The Secret is a well-known book. I know a lot of individuals who have read it too. I think that’s cool too. I believe it’s impeccable that people want more from life. We should not be willing to settle for second-best.
Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Life is short, and you’re worth so much. I care about others. I care about their success. I care about your happiness!
Yet, I believe in helping others do what they want. Helping others brings me joy. I like knowing that others are excelling in their career.
I want to live my life. I don’t want to live an expected life that others think I should live. I don’t want to live somebody else’s life, and I don’t want to follow the status quo.
I try to be transparent to other people.
I want to create my own empire and leave something behind for those that loved and cared about me along the way. I want to inspire others.
You have to get angry. You need to get mad to succeed. I actually created a list of all the people who try to bring me down. I don’t plan on causing anyone harm, but I do remember those people. I use that list as a motivational tool to never work for somebody else again.
I plan to use my website as a vehicle to get me out of the rat race.
I understand a lot about investing and business. There’s not a better way to get your feet wet then to the jump right into managing your own business. I have no other options, and I have no one else who will believe in me. Pay particular attention to how I motivate myself because you can apply this method in your own life.
I’m not strict or anything, but you have to learn to master yourself. If you don’t master yourself, then others will master you.
A lot of us believe we are worthless, but that’s not the case because as time goes on, we can become something else. We can change. We can be our best self. So please don’t let others tell you how your life is going to be only you can decide every day how you want to live your life. From this day forward, plan your days in advance. Start dreaming the life you’ve always wanted for yourself and for your family. Remember all those people that said you couldn’t achieve something and prove them wrong!
I want you to get mad at your current situation, and I want you to change it for the better. You won’t always have the same friends. As life goes by you will grow and find new friends. Embrace change because change is good. Things take some time to develop.
Think as big as you can. Life is too short. If today were my last day, I want you to know there are people out there who care about you. Some people care as well about your success.
Thank you very much for reading this post.
You will be amazing in life.
Written By,
Carl Wolfgang Schultz

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