#103 Where Can I Buy A Fitbit?

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Where Can I Buy A Fitbit?

The Fitbit comes in many different styles and colors. It’s important to note that you can buy the product in most retail stores such as:
1. Best Buy
2. Amazon – Click here to purchase the Fitbit through my affiliate link. I receive a commission when you order it through Amazon affiliate link.
3. At&t
4. Dick’s Sporting Goods
5. Kohl’s
6. Radio Shack
7. Sport’s Authority
8. Target
9. Verizon
10. Walmart
It’s important to remember that Fitbit is always coming out with innovative products. You can do yourself a service by researching beforehand which wristband you would like to buy.
It can be hard trying to work out every day. I use my Fitbit to get motivated again. It helps me to remain focused on getting out there and getting active. I stress too much about all the little things in life. Fitbit helps me to organize my life. I love that it measures everything. It is all useful analytics too.
What are the downsides to these devices?
Well, I don’t like that it leaves my skin feeling irritated. It could be less noticeable. It could count my food calories better and record what I’m eating.
I understand that not every device is perfect. Products go through a lifecycle which means they often change because they’re innovative products.
What do I like about the Fitbit Charge hr?
I like that it charges in a reasonable time. It does wear well on my wrist. The selected colors are fun to choose. It syncs with the iPhone app too which is awesome!
How has technology changed over the years with Fitbit?
Fitbit has adapted its technology to meet every changing demand in the markets. Companies need to have current platforms for users to experience. Not enough companies have substantial applications such as Fitbit. User-friendly apps like Fitbit make companies look like they know what they are doing.
What do I look for in a workout?
I’m more concerned about dangerous activities that will put me in the hospital. I want a workout that is safe and productive. The hardest part for me is getting out of my bedroom to workout. Too many days I have wasted in my room not getting stronger.
How did I feel when I first bought my Fitbit?
I thought it was awesome to have my tracker. My runs consisted of long hours that needed monitoring. Fitbit allowed me to concentrate on my run. It is super easy to look down at my Fitbit watch and notice my miles ran.
Thank you for reading this post.
-Carl Schultz

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