#102 How to be Good at Chess

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How to be Good at Chess

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I love to play chess. I’m always figuring out ways on how to be good at chess. I think it’s a fascinating game. It helps me to think about life in a different way.
Life is nothing but a game to me now that I’m mature. I’m going places in life, but that’s due to my strong chess game skills haha jk.
I’m only kidding about my skills, but I do have an interest in the game of chess. I recently heard a guy talking about the game and how it brings about discipline and lifelong lessons.
The hard part that frustrates me about chess is the time commitment. You have to be patient to play a game of chess all the way through. Most folks don’t play a full game of chess which is a mistake because you can learn so much.
At a first look, you would think the game was boring. The game is a blessing in disguise so to speak.
I play chess with my family often. We get so intense while playing the game. It allows us to bond in interesting ways. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
If you want to know how to be good at chess, then start by practicing. Practice is the best thing you can do. Try to practice every day. All I do is grab my iPhone and open the chess app. It is that simple.
Now, playing against the computer is fun and all, but I would prefer to play with someone in person any day of the week.
Thank you for reading. -Carl Schultz
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