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10 Daily Habits That Will Radically Improve Your Life

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10 Daily Habits That Will Radically Improve Your Life

Over the years I’ve read a lot of books some good and some not so good. I try to take the best information possible while I’m reading books. I don’t want to sugarcoat anything. So, I’m gonna give it to you straight. Here are 10 daily habits that will radically improve your life.

Below, you are going to find some habits that I personally use on a daily basis which have served me very well.

10 Daily Habits That Will Radically Improve Your Life
Habits are not some mysterious invention. Keep life simple! Notice, the items which are helping you to succeed and keep doing them. All habits are learned. They are usually very simple tasks you must do repeatedly to get your mind into the right state. 10 Daily Habits That Will Radically Improve Your Life
  1. Gratitude – I am always looking for something to be glad about. Every morning I verbally speak out what I’m grateful for. Usually, I will list around 10 items that I am thankful for. This habit alone has given me more success in my life than any other exercise. Believe me on this one.
  2. 7 Levels Deep exercise – I learned this from a guy named Dean. Basically what you do is you start with a question that you’re having and then you answer that question and then you ask why did the second question can you repeat this all the way down seven times and that’s your motivator for achieving your goal.
  3. Happy, Excited, Proud, Grateful, Enjoying, Committed, Love – A guy by the name of Ed my let show me that he learned this from Tony Robbins a while back and it’s been using it for a long time. In this exercise you simply less what you’re happy for, excited for, Etc. This is one of my favorite exercises because I can really get a lot done in one go around. It puts me in a good state of mind before work and I’ll usually do this before work. I mean it’s best to do it twice a day morning and evening.
  4. Keep a journal-Keeping a journal is up there next to gratitude. I truly believe keeping a journal is going to help you grow and develop yourself and become more self-aware which truly is the meaning of life is self-love. You can use lots of different journals find electronica one if you can but paper journals are just as fine. Happy studying
  5. Stack your cash savings -when it comes to money there’s so much advice out there that’s bogus and a lot of it is unnecessary what does it come down to? All it comes down to cash is king. Stop investing although this is my opinion, and start stacking your cash you’ll thank me later. It doesn’t make any sense to invest money I repeat it doesn’t make any sense to invest money if you do not have cash ready for an emergency etc. And for the love of God stop contributing to your 401(k) you’ll never be able to get that money out of there.
  6. Be debt free – again there is so much information out there about finances so the Bible says you are a slave to your lender. This couldn’t be more accurate. Why would you buy a house if you cannot afford one by going into debt you are making life more difficult. For me, I’m renting and I have no shame in that because I am going to be debt-free and I’m going to be able to have choices. I’m trying not to open up a canna worms here. Start financing vehicles, college educations and putting things on credit cards because this is only going to set you back. Stop buying things that you cannot afford. If you can’t pay with cash then don’t pay at all. I know this all sounds overly simple but financial so-called experts are trying to make your life more difficult by promising you great returns on investments. Just keep stacking your savings.
  7. Read daily-I love talking about the subject of reading books. Once you discover the kind of subject you’re interested in then don’t stop. Personally, I love to read self-help books because I love to grow and learn. I don’t really get into other kinds of genres such as fantasy and sci-fi etc. Because I’m a practical person and I just like to learn how to survive and prosper in life. I know that’s kind of typical but that’s how my mind works. The point is read daily. The reading has helped me grow so much and I couldn’t recommend a better habit to have in your life.
  8. Write 10 goals every day with 3 tasks you can do right now -The reason setting goals is important is because you get what you aim or focus on. I would argue that a majority of people have no idea where they’re headed out in life. I personally want to make the most of my existence. I want my most outrageous desires and ambitions.
  9. Pray to God – I don’t really care what you believe in but it is important to have something to believe in other than yourself I found praying to God has worked very very well for me.
  10. Go to the gym-I could talk your ear off about how important it is to go to the gym because your health is important. You don’t have to be a powerlifter just go to the damn gym and run on the treadmill for 20 minutes at least and do a little muscle training. All you have to do is sit on the machine and lift. It can’t get any simpler than that. Do your best not to make excuses about how hard it is to get to the gym. Try to incorporate going to the gym at least two times a week. It’s good for your health.

So, there you have it. 10 Daily Habits That Will Radically Improve Your Life! Now, you could probably care less who I am or what I have accomplished, but I invite you to read more of my blog posts here on this site. Click the home page and discover some more useful information.

Thank you! – Carl

Thank you for reading, 10 Daily Habits That Will Radically Improve Your Life

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